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Animal Pak is complete nutrition loaded with 85+ highly absorbable nutrients that enhances training sessions and boosts energy in daily life through an efficient combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, carnitine, herbs and more. More than a multivitamin, Animal Pak fills your nutritional gaps ensuring you are primed for muscle growth and optimum performance as you chase your fitness goals.

  • New and improved formula delivers better performance and 25% less pills (now only 8 pills)
  • Concentrated formula delivering the benefits of 12 supplements in 1 convenient packet
  • Science-backed, advanced formula, now with less pills and easier to swallow


Working with nutritionists, physical science experts, and athletes, we are advancing America’s #1 training Pak, again, with a new and improved formula comprised of powerhouse ingredients designed to take your workouts to an even higher level – and delivered in an all-in-one pill pack that’s even easier and more convenient.


Animal Pak isn’t just a multivitamin, it’s a vast arsenal of over 60 key ingredients that are delivered in the right amounts at the right time, every time. Each pack has been specifically formulated to strengthen your body’s foundation to help optimize your physical and mental wellness and fitness goals — ample doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and other performance optimizers to help you reach beyond your peak performance.


  • Daily Essential Vitamins and Minerals Including A, C, B, Zinc, Calcium and More
  • Amino Acids, Protein Complex and Liver Detox Enzymes
  • Performance Complex Including L-Taurine and Carnitine
  • Includes Spectra™, an All-Natural Blend of 29 Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs
  • Spirulina, Chlorella, And Ginkgo Biloba to Help Natural Immune Response
  • Enhanced with AstraGin® to Help Improve Nutrient Bioavailability
  • Natural Energy and Focus, with No Added Caffeine (same as a decaf cup of coffee)
  • Available in Pill Packs and Great-Tasting Powders
  • Costs Less Than Buying Individual Supplements Separately


 Designed for the dedicated gym goer and athlete, Animal Pak is the foundation for any active and healthy lifestyle, and able to stand up to the most intense training and rigorous dieting. Simply take one pack daily with any meal, or if you are in hard training mode, take two packs daily with your meals. Easy as that. Since Animal Pak is a foundational supplement to be taken it daily there is no need to cycle it.

Animal Pak – a convenient all-in-one pill pack, that costs less than buying individual supplements separately.

Take 1 to 2 packs with breakfast or any other meal, with plenty of water daily. For those who compete or are training with higher intensity, two packs is suggested.
Total Carbohydrates8g 3%*
Dietary Fiber4g 14%*
Protein4g 8%*
Vitamin A(as beta carotene)1200mcg RAE 133%
Vitamin C(as ascorbic acid)1000mg 1111%
Vitamin D(as cholecalciferol)100mcg 500%
Vitamin E(as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)100mg 667%
Vitamin K(as phytonadione, menaquinone-4)120mcg 100%
Thiamin(as mononitrate)76mg 6333%
Riboflavin76mg 5846%
Niacin(as niacinamide)82mg 513%
Vitamin B6(as pyridoxine HCl)80mg 4706%
Folate680mcg DFE (400mcg folic acid) 170%
Vitamin B12(as methylcobalamin)100mcg 4167%
Biotin300mcg 1000%
Pantothenic Acid(as d-calcium pantothenate)76mg 1520%
Choline(as bitartrate)90mg 16%
Calcium650mg 50%
Phosphorus500mg 40%
Iodine(as potassium iodide)150mcg 100%
Magnesium(as oxide)400mg 95%
Zinc(as oxide)30mg 273%
Selenium(as sodium selenite)50mcg 91%
Copper(as cupric sulfate)600mcg 67%
Manganese(as sulfate)5mg 217%
Chromium(as chromium chloride)100mcg 286%
Sodium35mg 2%
Potassium(as sulfate)200mg 4%
Amino Acid Complex◊Alanine 296mg; Arginine 217mg; Aspartic Acid 337mg; Cystine 55mg; Glutamic Acid 489mg; Glycine 504mg; Glutamine 83mg; Hydroxyproline 229mg; Histidine 65mg; Isoleucine 152mg; Leucine 290mg; Lysine 285mg; Methionine 69mg; Phenylalanine 117mg; Proline 354mg; Serine 166mg; Threonine 166mg; Tryptophan 41mg; Tyrosine 77mg; Valine 172mg; Ornithine 5mg **
Liver Detox ComplexMilk Thistle Seed 500mg; Hawthorne Berry 250mg; Beet Root 200mg; Turmeric Root 100mg **
Protein ComplexWhey Protein Blend 2190mg (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate); Beef & Liver Blend (beef protein isolate, liver) 2430mg **
Performance ComplexEleutherococcus senticosus (root) 750mg; L-Taurine 500mg; Choline Bitartrate 250mg; Inositol 125mg; Carnitine 25mg; Haematococcus pluvialis whole microalgae (providing Astaxanthin) (AstaPure®) 1mg **
Antioxidant ComplexSpectra® 100mg (Coffea arabica extract (whole fruit), green tea leaf extract, broccoli sprout concentrate, onion extract (bulb), apple extract (fruit), quercetin (flower), tomato concentrate (fruit), broccoli concentrate (floret & stems), camu camu concentrate (whole fruit), acerola extract (whole fruit), acai concentrate (whole fruit), turmeric concentrate (rhizome), garlic concentrate (clove), basil concentrate (leaf), oregano concentrate (leaf), cinnamon bark concentrate, carrot root concentrate, elderberry fruit concentrate, mangosteen fruit concentrate, black currant fruit extract, blueberry fruit extract, sweet cherry fruit concentrate, raspberry concentrate (berry), spinach leaf concentrate, chokeberry fruit concentrate, kale leaf concentrate, blackberry fruit concentrate, bilberry fruit extract, brussels sprout concentrate.); Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg; Spirulina (whole plant) 50mg; Chlorella (whole algae) 50mg; Grape Seed Extract 50mg; Coenzyme Q10 5mg; Lutein 1mg; Lycopene 1mg **
Digestive Enzyme and Absorption ComplexInulin 250mg; Ginger Root 200mg; Bromelain 100mg; Papain 64mg; Lipase 10mg; BioPerine® (Black Pepper Extract (fruit)) 5mg; Astragin™ 25mg (Panax notoginseng Extract (root), Astragalus membranaceous Extract (root)) **
Energy and Focus ComplexL-Tyrosine 300mg; Green Tea Leaf Extract 100mg; D-Glucuronolactone 100mg; Cocoa Bean Powder (processed with alkali) 100mg; Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) 100mg **
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