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60 Capsules | #078826 | REG $25.99
Discover one of the ancient secrets of India! Turmeric has long been prized as a health tonic and is used in a lot of spicy cooking. But you can avoid the "spicy" part by getting your Turmeric in these rapid-release capsules!

The plant-based antioxidant in Turmeric - known as Curcuminoids - helps fight the age-related cell damaging affects of free radicals in the body.** Plus, a high intake of Turmeric has been linked to brain health and functioning.** Turmeric promotes heart and immune health!
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250 Softgels | #003835 | REG $21.99
• Provides 300 mg of Omega-3s per serving
• Made with Ester-Omega™ Fish Oil
• Supports heart and cardiovascular health**

Omega-3 Fish Oil features Ester-Omega®, a concentrated and highly purified fish oil selected from the finest deep sea, cold water fish. Formulated in an antioxidant matrix to enhance potency, Ester-Omega® provides superior absorption of Omega-3s.** Omega-3 Fish Oil supports heart and cardiovascular health, and is purified to eliminate mercury. 250 softgels.