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• Helps the body convert food to energy**
• Supports heart health**
• Helps maintain blood pressure already within a normal range**

Show your heart how much you love it with Co Q-10! Formerly known as Co Q-10, this important coenzyme helps produce energy in almost every cell of your body.** Co Q-10 is also a naturally occurring, fat-soluble antioxidant that helps fight the effects of cell-damaging free radicals.** These rapid release softgels are easy to swallow. Be true to your heart with Co Q-10.**

60 softgels.
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60 Softgels | #018671 | REG $23.99
Omega-3 fatty acids from Fish Oil are considered good fats important for cellular, heart and metabolic health.** Fish Oil also helps maintain triglyceride levels already within a normal range.** This unique supplement is coated, which means the active ingredients bypass the stomach and are digested in the small intestine, which can minimize the aftertaste and fish burps.

Vitamin World Fish Oil is a concentrated and highly purified Omega-3 Fish Oil selected from the finest deep sea, cold water fish. Formulated in an antioxidant matrix to enhance potency, it allows for maximum absorption of Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids by the body.** Omega-3 fatty acids support heart and cardiovascular health.**

Gluten Free.

60 softgels.