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• 40 mg of Clinically Studied Lutein Per Serving
• Naturally Contains Zeaxanthin
• Vegetarian
• One-Per-Day Formula


• Supports Eyesight & Macular Health**
• May Help Improve Night Vision**
• Has Protective Benefits from UV Rays in Sunlight**
• Helps Maintain Healthy Vision with Aging**
• Contains Zeaxanthin, a Major Component of the Retina**


Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in a variety of fruits, vegetables and even certain flower species such as marigolds. It is one of the most highly researched nutritional ingredients for eye health and has been the focus of more than 800 research trials over the past 75 years. More recently, Lutein has been studied for its benefits on eyesight, macular health, night vision and protection from overexposure to blue light (from sunlight and digital screens). It is one of two dietary nutrients, the other being zeaxanthin, that is concentrated in the retina of the eye and provides a protective layer known as macular pigment. Unfortunately, the human body does not produce lutein or zeaxanthin on its own, and the concentration within the retina can decline with age. The only way to replenish lutein and zeaxanthin is through diet or supplementation.

Our Platinum brand Lutein delivers 40 mg of this powerful photoprotective nutrient, along with 2000 mcg of zeaxanthin in a new one-per-day vegetarian softgel. We’ve gone through great lengths to carefully source the finest ingredients to make sure every Platinum product delivers superior efficacy and is environmentally sensitive, with most products being 100% vegetarian compliant.

40 mg of Lutein is equal to:

• 12 cups of raw spinach
• 160 large eggs
• 8 lbs. of chopped broccoli

No Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Fish.

Made in the USA.

60 vegetarian softgels.


For over 40 years, Vitamin World has been one of the most trusted sources for world-class products. Vitamin World Platinum is scientifically-formulated using the most cutting-edge research to provide impeccably-crafted premium products for optimal wellness. We’ve gone through great lengths to carefully source the world’s highest-quality ingredients to make sure every Platinum product delivers superior efficacy, meets and exceeds all required testing, with most products being vegetarian compliant. Platinum is the solution for providing you with the finest supplements designed to live your best life.

Backed by Science

Every Platinum formula is based on proven scientific support reinforced by nutritionists to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Trusted Quality

All Platinum products are manufactured in the U.S.A. using the highest-quality ingredients and adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • Vege


Directions: For adults, take one (1) softgel up to two times daily, perferably with meals.
  • Supplement Facts
  • Serving Size: 1 Softgel
  • Servings per Container: 60
  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
  • Lutein 40 mg **
  • contains Zeaxanthin 2,000 mcg
  • ** Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Carrageenan, Glycerin, Beeswax, Purified Water, Ultrabix Annatto Suspension, Modified Corn Starch, Sunflower Lecithin, Mixed Natural Tocopherols. Contains: Soy
Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.

Tips and Tricks

Tip: It’s best to take Lutein with a high fat meal for the best absorption.


Q. What does Lutein do to your body?
A. Lutein is one of two major carotenoids found as a color pigment in the human eye (macula and retina). It is thought to function as a light filter, protecting the eye tissues from sunlight damage. Lutein and zeaxanthin are supercharged antioxidants that are widely used to support vision and the eye. Many people prone to or diagnosed with macular degeneration have been taking Lutein to aid in their eye and vision health. It is now being studied to find out if Lutein could have a beneficial effect on people subjected to “blue light” or computer/device screens on a regular, long term basis.

Q: How much lutein should I take?
A: The American Optometric Association acknowledges that there is no recommended daily intake for Lutein, but states that the most recent studies suggest that a minimum of 10mg daily was able to show health benefits. The human body doesn’t naturally produce Lutein so it is necessary to get it from foods or take a nutritional supplement.


Foods rich in lutein include egg yolks, broccoli, spinach, kale, corn, orange pepper, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange juice, zucchini, and squash. Orange juice, honeydew melon, kiwis, red peppers, squash and grapes are also good sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, and you can find a decent amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in durum wheat and corn as well.


Healthy Vision Program
Add Bilberry and Beta Carotene
These products work in tandem alongside lutein to reduce the progression of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Bilberry is used to help eyesight, night vision, and retinal issues. Beta Carotene aids the eye in maintaining its moisture and can also enhance night and peripheral vision.


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