Vitamin World Affiliate Program

At VitaminWorld, we strongly believe that our success is tied to the success of our affiliates. Because of this belief, we treat our affiliates with as much care as we treat our customers. Highlights of our affiliate program are:

  • 2% Commission on Sales (default*)
  • Cookie Window -1 days (default*)
  • Everyday promotions: Several Available to Promote 24/7
  • Vanity Codes available upon request
  • Free Shipping on Orders (w/ min order $49 value)
  • Higher commission rates (e.g. up to 20%) and longer cookie windows (e.g. up to 30 days) available, depending on publishers' reach and business model (*)

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What is the VitaminWorld Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The Affiliate Program is a service that allows participating websites to earn commission on sales referred to VitaminWorld using specially tracked links. We provide you with custom links and banners that you can post on your website. Then when a visitor you've referred to us makes a purchase, we'll keep track and give you a commission on the sale.

Is my website eligible for the Affiliate Program?

We accept almost all types of websites that are relevant to our products and do not contain objectionable or offensive materials. We welcome all applications but reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time at our sole discretion.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees associated with the VitaminWorld affiliate program. It is completely free to participate.

Can I become an affiliate if I live outside the United States?

No, at this time we accept affiliates located in the US only.

If I have multiple websites, do I need to apply separately for each?

No. You should apply once, list all of your websites on your application and advertise VitaminWorld on any of them once you are approved.

What is your commission rate?

We pay commission on orders. High order-volume and/or reach affiliates are eligible for the higher commission levels.

Is there a minimum annual threshold?

There is no minimum sales level required to remain in the program at this time; however, we reserve the right to remove affiliates from the program if they haven’t generated revenue for several months.

Will you provide extra support for high-traffic websites?

Yes. Contact our Affiliate Manager at We will always be happy to help you with your affiliate efforts.

Can I use images from VitaminWorld on my websites?

All of the content on the VitaminWorld website is protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our websites in the promotion of our products on your own website, however all images must be attributed and/or used in conjunction with the sale of the product through the affiliate programs. The images cannot be used in the general design of your website. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of any photos, product images or content in a manner that is not consistent with the policy stated above, please contact us for written approval prior to the content's use.

I do not know some of the terminology used here. Where can I learn more?

Check out our General Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Overview for definitions and answers to basic questions.

How do I sign up?

You must first become a member of the CJ Affiliate Network, which is our third-party program administrator. You can join both our program and the CJ Affiliate network in one step at

How does the affiliate program know when I should receive credit for an order?

CJ Affiliate tracks a cookie that is automatically applied to the computer of a person who clicks on a banner or text link that has your affiliate ID number embedded within it. Each banner or link that you create is specifically tagged with your CJ Affiliate ID number, letting us know that you deserve commission on the sales you send our way. You can access all of these banners and links by logging in your CJ Affiliate Account and choosing from any of the banners or simple text links available.

These links can be used from any website, put directly into a browser or emailed out in the case of text links.

Do I earn commission credits if someone clicks on a product on my site and then buys a different product?

Yes. You will receive full credit for any product that is purchased by a customer who clicks on your affiliate link across

Does VitaminWorld have a dedicated program manager to contact for more questions?

Yes, we are committed to making our affiliates successful and our program manager is available to help. You can contact at

Contact Our Affiliate Manager

Our affiliate manager will be happy to answer any of your questions about joining or being part of our program. Please note that if you did not receive a confirmation e-mail from CJ Affiliate when you applied for the program, your application may not have been completed properly and/or the email might be in your spam email folder. Please email our Affiliate Manager at